Solar Installation in Exeter!!

alpha-vae complete a 500 watt Solar PV Installation in Heavitree, Exeter. Our Customer Teresa who retires from work next year wanted to invest a small sum of money in renewable energies.

Teresa made contact with alpha-vae and we arranged a free on site assessment to ascertain her requirements. After this assessment we were able to calculate the money in which Teresa would save on her electricity bills and the extra revenue she would be paid under the Governments new Feed in Tariff scheme.

In only 7 years Teresa would have recuperated her initial investment and the next 18 years would be profit. Teresa was pleased with these figures and wanted to proceed.

alpha-vae used their contacts within the industry to source a British manufacturer of panel which was of high quality and reasonably priced. We arranged for the Scaffolding and Roofing Company to work alongside us to ensure quality roof works. Tom was responsible for the internal works, connecting the solar panels to the electricity supply. The Installation process was completed in 2 days.

We have since been in contact with Teresa and she is suprised on the energy and the savings she is already making.

"Thank you so much for the works you completed on my Solar Installation. I found Tom and the guys at alpha-vae really friendly and helpful and they explained everything to me on how the system works. I am suprised on how much electric I have already made! I would not hesitate in recommending a Solar System by alpha-vae" Teresa, Heavitree.




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